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“The fruit of the apostolate is directly dependent upon the depth of the spiritual life.” 

(John Paul II – Address on the Jubilee of the Lay-Apostolate)

Papal Plea for Catholic Radio.  Every Pope since the invention of the radio has asked for the medium to be used for the purpose of spreading the Faith. Vatican II repeated this plea and added emphasis on the role of the laity. In its document on Social Communications, the Council said that it is a responsibility of the laity to start Catholic radio stations, and that it would be “shameful” if these efforts were not supported by the faithful.                          Letter from Bishop Murry



Lamb of God Communications
4450 Lake Road East Geneva, OH 44041
PO Box 545 Geneva, OH 44041

(440) 466-8102

For more iformation call us toll free at 

Lamb of God Communications was formed in 2007 with the hope of winning one of many new FM licenses which the FCC was awarding to non-profit organizations. Lamb of God Radio won its competition and has been on the air since June, 2012.

Goal:   to evangelize and catechize using the media of Catholic Radio
Programming: EWTN + 1 hour local Catholic events and announcements
Foundation: Prayer for the Guidance of the Holy Spirit

Station Name: ` Lamb of God Radio
Call Letters: WLGO
Current City of License: Ashtabula
Approximate Coverage: Perry, Ohio to Pennsylvania Border, from Lake Erie to Route 6
Frequency: 91.7 FM
Non-commerical Educational License – 24 hours a day

Station Owner: Lamb of God Communications, an Ohio corporation & 501(c)(3) public charity. (Donations are tax deductible.)


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