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LAMB OF GOD RADIO IS MOVING to 89.5 FM and becoming a Station of the Cross.


Be sure to set your dial to Catholic Radio on 89.5 FM –AS SOON POSSIBLE– to ensure that you don’t miss a single moment of your favorite Catholic programs.


Since its inception, Lamb of God Radio has prayed for the establishment of a much larger coverage area for Catholic Radio. Working with Station of the Cross, we are finally able to help make this dream a reality.


Many generous donors have contributed financial support and volunteer time to Lamb of God Radio, and we want to make sure our listeners and many others will have solid Catholic programming well into the future.


The old frequency (91.7) has been sold and will no longer broadcast Catholic radio after June 30th.


Proceeds from the sale are going toward the joint venture with the Station of the Cross, 89.5 FM.


Thank you for your generous support over the years. Remember to listen to and support your local Catholic station 89.5 FM in the future.


Any current pledges and donations received by Lamb of God Radio will be forwarded to the Station of the Cross.


We hope you will be listening to Lamb of God Radio as a Station of the Cross on Frequency 89. 5 FM


Thank you and God Bless You!l